MiniBrew Aprés Work | Large (100-250 employees)

SAVE  | 2401€ Pre-Order Discount - Valid until 30. June 2018

With MiniBrew Aprés Work you discover, brew and share the best fresh local beers from all around the world and quench the thirst of your employees.

MiniBrew is a fully automatic craft beer brewing appliance that allows anyone to brew professional quality craft beer.

Large | What’s in the box?

  • 4 MiniBrew System (Base station + SmartKeg + CIP System)
  • 16 additional SmartKegs
  • 20 Tap handles
  • 20 CO2 connectors
  • 400 beer brew packages

Pre-Order Terms Introduction Offer
The MiniBrew is currently in the production stage and is scheduled to start shipping end of Q4 of 2018. Dimensions MiniBrew System: 48 x 30,5 x 57,25 cm. Dimensions SmartKeg: 33,5 x 40 cm. Technical details of MiniBrew and the SmartKeg are subject to change. Shipping Weight Total > 260kg

€19.000 €16.599