Mellow Days Bundle

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This porter, quit dark and high in alcohol volume, is a robust porter.

It has the typical taste of chocolate, liquorice and a sharp bitterness of burnt black malt. This porter starts however with aromas of dark fruit. With sad weather this beer makes you happy again.

7,7% ABV


A wonderful tripel with all the elements a tripel should have and even more.

High spiciness including peppery and clove-like phenols. Also some esters with a citrus fruit character, especially orange, are present. The high alcohol percentage raises the mouthfeel and it remains sparkling. The beer has a remarkable drying finish and bitter aftertaste.
Be careful. You want another one, but this is a strong beer.

8,0% ABV


Fresh hoppy beer with fruit tones from the hops.

It has the pleasant bitterness IPAs are known for, but this beer is rounded out: not by “bready” malt but a slightly sweet, clean malt. On the other side: hops are the star here. Relatively light in alcohol. A perfect beer to start with.

6% ABV