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1 Year Subscription to the Brewery Portal


MiniBrew can brew 5l batches of all styles, from lagers to imperial stouts, via any kind of IPA you can mention. Everything is programmable from the portal and monitored anywhere via a phone app. With multiple kegs you can even experiment with different yeasts, hopping regimes or adjuncts.

Recipe Versioning

Making tweaks to much-loved core beer is risky, but with the MiniBrew Brewery Portal you dial in your exact recipe then tweak it to make 5l test batches, saving you the risk of putting untrialed beer to market. MiniBrew allows you to re-create time and time again the same beers to your specifications.


All recipes and data are stored, so you can repeat experiments, collaborate with breweries all over the world, and even get feedback and test results from your customers or other collaborators. Share recipes, get inspired and best of all, get creative!